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About Perfect Attire

We are in the business of making men look good and feel confident.

Established in 2014, we are one of the very few bespoke tailoring houses in Singapore with a fully owned production unit. From Pattern Making, Cutting to Sewing and Packing, everything is under our control.


THE ESSENTIAL FIVE - (must have)
$65 - $75
100% Cotton from Andreazza & Castelli
2 ply 80s yarn count
Colour Way - White, Light Blue, Pink & Purple
Choice of over 30 Collars & Cuff Style
Limited Customization options
andreazza & castelli / tessitura monti / soktas
Cotton, Linen, Bamboo, Melange and other fine yarn spun cotton fabric
Over 750 shades and textures
All the applicable customizations are inclusive
Bespoke Pattern
Free Test Fit Shirt


Workmanship or construction is paramount. A poorly constructed shirt with an expensive cloth will still result in a poor shirt.
At Perfect Attire all our shirts feature the below mentioned characteristics.
  • 4 piece Split Yokes hand cut in bias
  • Well constructed collars and cuffs using edge stitching
  • Mother of Pearl Buttons
  •  Neat Buttonholes and Button shanking
  • High Density Single Needle Stitching
  • Pattern Matched at intersections
We also construct handmade tailored shirts for discerning gentlemen featuring pick stitched armholes, collars, cuffs and buttonholes made with hand.
Red Chambray Custom Tailored Dress Shirt by Perfect Attire Singapore

Red Chambray Tailor Made Dress Shirt with Black Mother of Pearl Buttons and Green subtle Piping on the Placket.

Wrapped Mother of Pearl Button Shank on Tailored Shirt by Perfect Attire Singapore

Wrapped Mother of Pearl Button Shank on a Green Bespoke Shirt

Bespoke Tailor made Orange Linen dress shirts by Perfect Attire Singapore

Orange Linen dress shirts adorned with White 3mm thick Mother of Pearl Buttons in a hand made claw stitch.

Collar Construction of a bespoke, custom tailor made shirt by Perfect Attire Singapore

Edge Stitched Collars with double fused German Interlinings for a smooth roll.

Brown Checked Tailored Bespoke Shirt with Split Yokes and Pattern Matched seams

Brown Checked Tailored Bespoke Shirt with Split Yokes and Pattern Matched seams

Blue Herringbone Tailored Bespoke Shirt with Black Mother of Pearl Buttons and contrasting collar, placket

Blue Herringbone Tailored Bespoke Shirt with Black Mother of Pearl Buttons and contrasting collar, placket


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This is the process that makes a tailored bespoke shirt truly so. It all starts with the measurement, posture analysis and the first draft of a pattern. 

Our first fitting involves a ‘Test-Fit’ tailored shirt using one of our stock fabrics to drape you and check the fit. This shirt is completely complimentary and will fit you with a 90% accuracy. Shoulder slopes, Armhole depths, collar to neck distance and other important aspects are taken note during this Fitting session and a revision to the pattern is done soon after. In this session you will also be able to make comments on the collar shape, comfort allowances and other aspects that are of significance to you.

The actual cloth is then cut and constructed to be delivered.

Our shirt patterns are done directly on CAD for each client and revisions are numbered and saved chronologically.. Next time when you order with us we can skip the Test fit unless you have drastically changed in size.

Book an appointment, Design your garments and Get measured

STEP 2 – First Fitting
Muslin Test-Fitting to analyze fit

STEP 3 – Craft and Deliver
Proceed to construct the full order and prepare for Delivery



Oxley Towers, #03-38,
138 Robinson Road, Central Business District
Singapore – 068906
Ph: +65-98187062

General Business Hours:
Monday: 11.30am- 7.30pm
Tuesday: 11.30am- 7.30pm
Wednesday: 11.30am- 7.30pm
Thursday: 11.30am- 7.30pm
Friday: 11.30am- 7.30pm
Saturday: 11.30am- 5.00pm
Sunday: By Appointment only