Exquisite Shirts

We want to differentiate ourselves on Quality. In an age of price war, Quality is the only loser.
From fabrics to construction details, you will find us at par with some of the world’s finest shirtmakers. Few significant details are listed below.

  • 4 Piece Split Yokes
  • Removable Collar Pouches
  • Mother of Pearl Buttons
  • Hand shanked Button wraps
  • Double reinforced soft interlining
  • Pattern matched and cut by hand
  • Side Seam Gussets
  • Fully Single Needle stitched
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Exquisite Jackets

Fully Lined, Quarter Lined and Unlined constructions.
From fabrics to construction details, we choose to take great care of the details.


Custom Made Formal Trousers

  • Bespoke Waistbands
  • Lined/Unlined Fronts
  • Hand Made Pick Stitches


Custom Made Casual Chinos

  • Uncrushable Cotton Blend Fabrics
  • Contrasting pocketing and waistband
  • Made to Measure with an unparalleled fit guarantee


Chino Collection


Better Bespoke

  • We will bring one “TEST-FIT” garment to check your fit.
  • We will analyze the fit together with you and take feedback.
  • Alter the pattern as necessary and make your actual order
  • No hassles of returns or alterations

Our Fit guarantee is a promise based on logic and responsibililty, no gimmicks.

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This company, its prduct and its service is an undervalued goldmine. Passionate, meticulous and timely. All things a sartorial gentleman prefers.

Tim W
When you find a Company giving you a Split Yoke, Shell Buttons and Hand Claw Stitches as a Standard Feature, they immediately gain my respect because they are fighting on Quality not Price. Below $100 a shirt for this craftsmanship is a steal in my opinion.
The hassles of buying custom shirt is the constant worry about fit, returns and alterations. Perfect Attire has really put themselves in the customers shoes and has gone the extra mile, even if it costs them. I like the way they are building a relationship. I am sure that many like me will be loyal advocates of their brand.
Nic T
The customer service I received was exceptional; my shirts were sent free of charge with a timely follow-up to ensure that I was completely satisfied with each shirt. This level of customer care really sets Perfect Attire apart from the pack, and I have recommended them to many of my colleagues and friends around the globe.
Greg W
I love the idea of being able to Tweak Measurements, so I can get the best fit. They make it an easy process to arrive at your perfect fit. Love their product & Service.
Tauhid I
Each shirt is unique (because I designed it) and I feel Fabulous wearing it out and having people ask about where I got it.
Les A
All in all, Perfect Attire surpassed my expectations.  My advice to those of you who are skeptical (like I was), give it a go and order 1 or 2 shirts to test it out, I am sure you will not be disappointed.
Peter G