Shirt Customization options

Blue Herringbone Dress Shirt - Perfect Attire

Once you’ve decided to commission a made-to-measure shirt, you’ve deemed yourself fashion designer for a day. You’re officially in the driver’s seat when it comes to your personal style.  Have you always struggled to find a striped shirt with a button-down collar? Or a wrinkle-free shirt with side knife pleats?  Worry no more.  One of […]

Craftsmanship of a high end shirt

When you receive your final made-to-measure shirt, whether it’s in the mail or in person, it’s clear that the garment is of a higher quality than anything you’ve purchased before.  The way it fits your torso, the feel of the fabric, the freshness that radiates from the shirt.  There’s no doubt that investing in a […]

Benefits of Made to Measure Shirting

In the last few years, menswear has seen a massive push toward made-to-measure shirting.  However, for the average guy, there aren’t many resources available to help him understand the difference between the pre-packaged shirts sold at his local department store and the far superior offerings from made-to-measure companies. When you buy a shirt off-the-rack, you’re […]

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