It started years back with the constant nagging feeling of displeasure wearing off the rack shirts and the hassle of finding a great tailor that would offer a range of fabric choices and conveniently accommodate customizations at a transparent and fair price.
The vision was in us all this while but it needed some deliberation, motivation and will power before we could take the plunge to create something of our own. We questioned ourselves extensively before we could articulate exactly what we wanted to offer, what we felt. A mantra. A short statement which later would be displayed all across our work space.

“Fine Shirts – Custom Made”

It was small, yet powerful. To capture the essence of the phrase “Fine Shirts” we chose two of the most luxurious brands in the field of shirting fabrics “Tessitura Monti” and “Andreazza & Castelli”. Each fabric in our collection has been hand felt prior procurement. We spent months before we finalized our design styles, corrected our pattern making processes and trained our master tailors to international standards. In fact a significant component of each craftsman’s remuneration depends on achieving Zero-defects. Nothing leaves our factory until it has been checked thoroughly.

The phrase “Made to Measure” articulated our belief that everyone is special and the shirts we craft would have to fit each individual to his or her physique. This also led us to form our unique Fit Guarantee policy which enables our patrons for a risk free first purchase.

Our greater vision however is to become a leader in custom clothing through the use of technology. We are passionate about making our web portal intuitive and convenient for customers to design their shirts. To state succinctly, we have a lot of ideas in our head and we are constantly working behind the scenes to be better than what we are today.