The Process


It’s no secret that the made-to-measure process is far more rewarding than shopping off the rack.  You can directly participate in creating a shirt that’s fitted to your body, and you can walk away knowing you have a top-quality garment that will stand the test of time.  But how does the magic happen?  Most men know that the process is thorough and specific but they don’t have a clear idea of what takes place behind the scenes.  It’s time to dispel the myths.


Training & Preparation

Before you even decide to purchase a made-to-measure shirt, many aspects of the business are already in motion.  At Perfect Attire, we source our fabrics from some of the industry’s most luxurious brands— Andreazza & Castelli, Tessitura Monti and Soktas.  We ensure that every piece of fabric is hand felt before procurement.  Tedious work is involved to protect the quality of our product before any contact is made between our team and you, the customer.

We’ve painstakingly trained our team of master tailors to meet high international standards.


The key to every one of our shirts is the precision of the measurements.  When you shop off the rack, you’ll notice each shirt is characterized by only two figures—the neck size and the sleeve length.  However, it takes more information to create a shirt that fits every part of your torso.  Together with a partner (or with one of our trained stylists), measuring tape will be used to notate the size of your neck, chest, front torso, shoulders, waist, seat, back, armhole, biceps, wrist, full and half sleeve lengths, half sleeve opening and shirt length in both the front and back.  Additionally, you’ll indicate the slope of your shoulders and shapes of your stomach and chest. So, you notice that we take a lot more inputs than other MTM brands out there. Why? simply because we want to ensure we give a great fit.

It may sound like a lot but this breadth of indicators is used to build a garment that’s unique to you.


The customization process allows you to become a designer.  You’ll run through a vast list where you’ll select the following details: collar style, sleeve and cuff style, placket style, pocket type, button style, back and bottom details, monogramming and contrast fabrics.  Every part of this shirt is made based on your preferences.

Fit Guarantee

Your measurements and design details are used to create a bespoke pattern.  In this case, a pattern is a blueprint of your shirt that works as our foundation.  We use this pattern to make your Test Garment.  We’ll send it to you or you can visit us in-store to try it on.  If you’re working with us exclusively online, you’ll snap 3 photos in your shirt so we can assess fit.  You’ll hold on to the Test Garment while we make adjustments to your pattern.  This whole process, from measurements and customization to final delivery, takes up to 4 weeks.  This is a top-notch service designed to deliver a garment that you will undoubtedly be content with.
Read about our fit guarantee process here.


The made-to-measure process allows you to play the role of fashion designer while investing in a shirt that’s built to last.  Once you go made-to-measure, you’ll never go back.

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