Monogram is a small embroidery of alphabets on the shirt, usually initials or short name of a person. These were originally etched to identify the owner of the shirt when shirts were laundered together. So, monograms actually had a functional use in the olden days. However now monograms are used to add a personal character to the shirt.

Our advise towards monogramming is to do it subtly.

The monogram will roughly land on top of your watch. You can choose either your left or right cuff.

Sleeve Placket
The monogram will be placed at the small triangle above your sleeve placket. This is a very subtle place to have your initials.


Colour can sometimes be a hard factor to choose. If you are sure of what you want, then select from our list, else you can choose to leave it to our designers who will pick a colour that is not blatantly contrasting to the shirt fabric. But do note that our designers’ choices follow our rule of subtlety.

Monogram text can only be alpha-numeric and a maximum of 3 letters.


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