What is not defined is not transparent. And we want to be transparent. You should know how great shirts are built and what you can expect if you decide to purchase from us. It also forces us to adhere to a promise we have made and pushes us to perform our best. We have laid it out open, so next time you take a shirt off your wardrobe, take a glance and see how many of the below it fulfils.
To mention, some points below are very unique, especially the hand crafted details and we do not expect it to be on most shirts.

Collars & Cuffs

Each of our shirt has a high-quality interlining. Interlining is the fabric that’s placed between the two pieces of cloth on secondary shirt areas like your collar and cuffs. This interlining gives them a desired thickness and double layer that keeps them firmly in place and helps them hold up over repeated wears. It’s worth mentioning here that you have the power to choose the thickness and softness of interlining for your individual shirt.

Split Yokes

The yoke is the part of the shirt pattern that covers the neck and shoulder.  We build our yokes from 4 different pieces of fabric. The combination of multiple pieces allows for more stretch and comfort around your shoulders. If you’ve opted for a shirt printed with stripes or checks, the split yoke can give your shirt a gorgeous chevron pattern. This process is time-consuming—one you’ll only find in high end bespoke shirting.


Though buttons are a small detail of your shirt, they can have a significant impact on its overall aesthetic.  We use Mother of Pearl buttons to add a sense of elegance and refinement to every shirt regardless of the pattern, fabric or customization.  Crafted from inner oyster shells, wearing Mother of Pearl buttons is like wearing fine jewelry right on your torso. Our button shanks, the fabric that secures and elevates the button for easy use, are all hand wrapped.

Hand rolled hem

This is a feature within our Handmade shirts. The bottom hem is subtly pick stitched by hand.

Hand made buttonholes

This is a time consuming work of art, not all tailors are capable of. It requires patience and an immense love of the craft to do this well.

Pick stitching by hand

Our handmade shirts are pick stitched manually. The yokes and collar band feature a knotted stitch that is probably the only distinctly visible element. The armholes, collars and cuffs are subtly pick stitched that is visible only up close.

Removable Collar stay pouches

Removable collar stays are the only way you should stiffen your collar. These ensure longer life to your collars and allows you to add the bones that you prefer.
We highly recommend you to have one pair of our White and Black Mother of Pearl collar bones to your wardrobe. A man has limited jewellery options and subtle stays are definitely worthwhile having.

Claw hand buttonstitch

When we say handcrafted shirts, we really mean it. It’s not a loosely used term in our dictionary. The claw buttonstitch is so called due to its design representing a chicken feet. It’s not machine made. All our handcrafted shirts feature this as a standard.

Wrapped Buttonshank

All buttons are shanked by hand to elevate them and also protect them from falling off.

Side seam gusset

The gusset is a triangular piece of fabric stitched to the side seam at the hem to protect it from ripping off. With us, you have the ability to add some flair to it by contrasting with an accent fabric.