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Bespoke is too loosely used a term nowadays.
Have a look at our service, products and prices and we promise to make any pains go away.

Bespoke used to be the only way in the past to dress until mass manufacturing made its way and changed the way the world behaves. Efficiency, fast fashion and low cost (not always true) are the buzz words used to lure the end user cough up money and buy clothing that you do not truly love nor use effectively.

Is it environmentally sustainable? Hush….nobody wants you to ask that.

At Perfect Attire our vision is to build a bridge between Custom and Bespoke by bringing the best elements of both together through the use of technology where applicable.
We used to be consumers before we built this brand up. We all like personal customized clothing and we understand that it twill fit our skin and our lifestyle better. But there are some worries that are prevalent. We have tried to answer a few below:

  1. What if it doesn’t fit me well?
    – We are the only company that brings a complimentary “Test-Fit” shirt for all our new clients. So you have nothing to risk. Your order will be made after your feedback on the “Test-Fit” shirt. That is what Bespoke is all about. Read the full “Fit Guarantee” here.
  2. How expensive is this going to be?
    – How does $75 sound like for 100% Giza cotton shirt inclusive of customizations and contrasts and a monogram too.
  3. How good is the craftsmanship?
    – Glad you asked. There is a separate page dedicated to this. Take a look and compare with the brands out in the whole wide world. You will be surprised.
  4. Other queries:
    Please send us an email at [email protected] and we will be glad to answer them.


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